Too much Feist for me

Too much Feist for meTreacle is a feisty feline. True enough he lost all of his feist last week but after a ferry trip to the vet and a couple of shots whilst he was there, he was soon returning to normal. Unfortunately those shots had to be followed up by daily dosage of an antibiotic suspension, administered by dropper, and steroid pills.

The pills I have the hang of – we have  a pill popper and I have The Knack. The dropper thing required two of us (to manhandle the cat), towels (to try and contain feisty paws and claws) and Savlon (to treat my scratches.)

Now, the antibiotic suspension claims to be “palatable”. Look what we found in the local shop yesterday.

A small saucer of kitty milk, into which is swirled the violently pink antibiotic (same colour as the label on the milk, as it happens)  appears to go down a treat. Every last morsel of the drug consumed and licked heartily from the saucer. Feline Dignity preserved and no scratching involved. It would appear that the medicine truly is palatable.


Get well soon, Treacle.

(I have been online shopping today and will soon have a little studio setup with photo table and lights – I can do more product shots when Blipspiration deserts me!)