The Green Pound

The Green PoundStill working to the weekly assignment of “green” at Phogropathy. For the benefit of non-Scots: we still have lovely crisp green £1 notes in our little part of the world. We have £1 coins too, as in the remainder of the UK, but are distinctive in having our notes still. They are a lot lighter on the pocket than the coins.

I like the notes, but I like the coins too – especially in their variety and their detail. I had five in my purse and each had a different reverse. HRH appeared in three different obverse guises across the five coins.

There are oodles of reverse designs. Here we can see: Leek and royal diadem representing Wales (1985-90); Oak Tree and royal diadem representing England. (1987-92); Three Lions passant guardant representing England.(1997-2002); A representation of the Menai Bridge inside a border of railings and stanchions from 2005; and Royal Arms representing the United Kingdom, which has been issued several times (this one from the first issue in 1983)

Interestingly, at this time, you could use almost all of these coins to purchase a single Scottis £1 note on eBay. Seriously – listed at £4.50! plus a further pound for postage.

Why are the coins in the shot anyway? Because coins are “greener” than notes.

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