The Fuzzies

The FuzziesWe have been outside having another attempt at capturing an Iridium flare. We did it! I could have blipped it but it’s fairly boring.

The cats took advantage of our temporary absence and set up home in the little dark tent that I made for [url=]my (nybblets) Tardis blip[/url] earlier today. Teddy looks a little fuzzy because I had a whim and decided to experiment with a high ISO setting on the new camera. It was not high enough, the exposure was over 1 second and far too long for hand-held. However, I’m still impressed. Considering that the lights were out and the only illumination in the room was coming from my computer monitor… it’s a fair image. The ISO settings go higher still – this was at 6400, still plenty of room to ramp it up. All the same – next time, I’ll deploy a tripod.

Look carefully and you can even see that Ted is sitting on my “Tardis”