The dog’s OK

The dog's OKI went to see the GP last night as my injuries, at 2 weeks old, seem little improved and some additional swelling has entered the equation. She sent me for an x-rayin the expectation of a cracked patella, and thus I was to be found awaiting the community bus at 07:00 this morning. Not my best hour. I caught the early ferry and was in the x-ray dept in time for opening of business. I amused myself by looking at the children’s artwork that was taped to the walls. This one particularly caught my eye. So good that the dog was fine, yes? Poor Daddy, though at least he was brave about it.

Contrary to expectation, nothing was obviously visible on the film and thus I escaped home on the 10 am boat without a plaster cast and was back in time to cook lunch.

There is still some chance that the Radiologist will spot something, so the jury remains out.