Take it the Max

Take it the MaxIn all the years we have been here, I do not believe that I have ever before properly succumbed to a viral attack. This is evidenced by today’s foray into the medicine cabinet. Not one cold remedy in there that did not expire before the end of 2005! (we moved here in September 2006)

I’m proper poorly and simply not used to it. I don’t believe I’ve had more than a slight snuffle since I quit the University in 2002. Back then, I caught everything going – students are verminous germ-ridden critters.

Yesterday’s hot dry sore throat manifested this morning with a complete absence of voice. The rubber legs are annoying too.

Bah! Of course I’d settle for a more traditional (and “in-code”) remedy but we have NO WHISKY in the house (how did we let that happen?) and I have no will to go out and source a lemon anyway. I do have honey. I quite like honey but am not certain it is efficacious on it’s own.

Am thinking of renaming the winter challenge as “Indoors if wet, or if ailing” Today qualifies on all counts.