Stormy Weather

Stormy WeatherReaders ([i]photographers[/i]) of a nervous disposition should probably not read [url=]this[/url].

[i]Oh, yeah[/i]
[i]Life is bare, gloom and mis’ry everywhere[/i]
[i]Stormy weather[/i]
[i]And I just can’t get my poor self together,[/i]

Treacle is home with us but we don’t know for how long. His days are very much numbered – he has a mass on his heart, about the size of a golf ball and it is pressing on his windpipe and making him cough. He has little desire to eat and the fluid on his lungs is making his breathing very laboured. The vet tells us that he is not in pain or otherwise suffering so we didn’t have him put to sleep immediately. We want to say our goodbyes.

I however was very much suffering last night (see link above).

Today is a better day – Mr L managed to remove the broken filter from my lens, where it was stuck pretty tight fast. I have tested my camera and am in the process of testing all of the lenses that fell from the table. The arrival of a lovely stationery package from Bureau Direct provided me with a subject on which to do the lens tests – this Storm Grey special edition ink, from Herbin, with its lovely chunky glass bottle and suspended particles of gold.

The vet can’t estimate how long  Treacle has with us and much depends on whether we can persuade him to eat. I think I may concentrate my photo efforts for the next few days on attempting to get some last shots of him. We shall miss him when he goes, he has been a great companion with considerable character.

[url=]Stormy Weather[/url]