Soggy bottom

Soggy bottomIt’s not too bad a day today. There were large flakes of snow first thing – allegedly (I was still in my bed). I took the rubbish out for collection in a heavy drizzle. It was odd, not at all dreich despite the wet – and with a rosy glow to the clouds. Only a light wind.

I had tucked my trusty peedie Nikon under my waterproofs when I went out in case there was anything to blip. There wasn’t. No sign of seals or birds and a very dull outlook across the bay with some really low cloud blanketing Stronsay. I turned my attention instead to the garden, which is more of a lochan at this time of year… the low point fills up with water, whilst the remainder of the garden (more of a field, really) is simply a bog.

The Nikon only shoots jpegs and the images can look a little characterless if taken in poor light. I recalled seeing an article yesterday and went in search of it: [url=]A Super Simple Way to Make Landscape Photos POP Using Lightroom[/url]

Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I gave it a go. Only one pic a day here so I can’t show the before and the after. What do you think anyway – you’d never know that I was getting a soaking at the time, would you?

The lunchtime meal plan and calorie count is done and I am about to pop some veg in the oven to roast. I’ll mount the treadmill while they are cooking, then shower and change before lunch and Spinning Group. It’s all go you know.