Sanday Show

That’s it, then – the Sanday Show 2014 has been and gone and taken with it the usual quirky range of judging decisions. All part of life’s rich tapestry 😉

Strangely, I once again benefited from a great deal of the quirkiness. Once more I am mystified in some cases as to why or how or even on what planet…

I am certain that the livestock judges have the simplest task and that there not many folk here who can’t agree on a decent piece of beef on the hoof when they see it. Knitting however is clearly in the eye of the beholder… as are certain photographic prints! In my opinion, humble as it is, Rod the Ranger was robbed.

Oh – and it didn’t rain, despite the Met Office giving 90% probability of heavy rain in time for the Champion of the Yard judging.