Rinse…and repeat

Rinse...and repeatThe local haulier just dropped off a package for us. Inside was this rather smart kettle.

We don’t have much luck with kettles: Mr L always does extensive research to determine the best model but they rarely last more than two years. Our current kettle is failing to switch off and is steaming the kitchen if we forget about it. It was a replacement for one of the same model that failed just short of the guarantee expiry but it didn’t last as long as the original.

So, this season’s research shows this Kenwood to be a safe bet. We shall see.

Purple? Oh, John Lewis were selling off the purple ones cheaply – so we had free delivery and a cut price kettle. I like purple. No, really I [i]do [/i]like purple. I’m not all that keen on it in the kitchen, though! However, the price was right.

I am presently engaged in the palaver of filling, boiling, emptying and refilling… repeat several times routine.

Speaking of rinsing several times – the kettle is sitting on my recently completed Tunisian Crochet “Stashbuster” blanket not for any special effect but because I gave it a wash yesterday and it’s currently drying on my workbench.

I’m disappointed that the delivery was a kettle. I am awaiting some yarn and fibre from the USA. It left the Heathrow sort facility at midday on the 17th Jan. No sign of it here yet!