Rabbit rabbit

[url=http://www.blipfoto.com/entry/4483001]Turts99[/url] recently asked how many rabbits were too many. He has a few more than we do. Discussing his post, my DH ventured the opinion that in our garden we have just the right amount of rabbits – which appears to be two, or sometimes three. They live in the nettle patch on the front lawn. Lawn is a term that I deploy loosely. You can probably work this out yourself by its close juxtaposition with “nettle patch”. I do prefer daisies and rabbits to an ordered sward.

Our rabbits are extremely bold and fear neither us nor the dog and they frankly scoff at Treacle the cat. Maybe not so much bold as simply used to us and confident that no harm will come to them. Little do they know how much I love a rabbit stew. I could not kill one, though. I struggle even to put a myxied rabbit out of its misery. In my heart of hearts I should like to bring them in and tame them. I do like a housebunny about the place.

What we do not understand is: if we have two rabbits, why do we not have more? See [url=http://www.maths.surrey.ac.uk/hosted-sites/R.Knott/Fibonacci/fibnat.html]Fibonacci[/url] for explication

Ob: we can’t have two boys, or they’d moider each other. We must have two girly rabbits, That, or Treacle is actually doing a job of work on the offspring. I shudder to think.