Quality Control

Quality ControlI’m a little hampered in my [url=http://www.blipfoto.com/nybblets]nybblets 365 efforts today[/url]. I know exactly what I want to achieve but all conspires against me. Dreich is not the word for today – Double Dreich? Very little available light, plus the wee fact that I left my camera switched on and drained the battery. I came back after lunch, with battery charged and ready to shoot and that was when The Management decided to get in on the act and exert some QC on my setup.

I’m only allowed one shot so I can’t use the ones where Treacle is claiming ownership of Jack the Tripod.

Bl**dy Bengals! (No, he is, he’s melanistic, that’s all – like a Panther)

Looks like he’s settled in for the afternoon now.