This is the old back door, from the utility room. It’s off and the new UPVC door is fitted. It’s going to make a big difference ot my life. The utility room is unheated and the external door is North-facing on the West side of the property, so exposed to all the worst of our winter weather. For some bizarre reason a softwood split (barn style) door was fitted. The glazing was single, the wind whistled through the frame and the middle of the door and just for good measure a broken cat flap was provided. Every winter since we have been here we have taped the door up with duct tape and I have had to carry my laundry through and around the house to hang it out. Eight years! It has always been too cold to go in and work in that room in the winter and, maddeningly, too hot in the summer, so it’s constantly untidy. It will now be comfortable at the back end but I still need blinds to keep the sun out in the summer months.

I’ve been looking at the top half of the door, ready distressed as it is, and thinking what a splendid “shabby chic” picture frame it might make…

The old door frame took hours to get out. It turns out that although the door was softwood, its frame was hardwood – it looks like mahogany!

The longer screws arrived today so we can carry on with the windows and front doors now.