PrepI spent a large part of today in the kitchen, preparing for tomorrow’s Wedding Anniversary dinner.

* Onion bread – for turning into Melba Toast tomorrow
* Chicken Liver Pate
* Sauce Espagnole – the base sauce for the Black Cherry Sauce to go  with our duck

The Duckling turned into A Saga. The promised fresh free-range Orkney duck turned out to be French, frozen, and  pre-packaged.  A Bit Of A Worry.

Tomorrow we need to make the Champagne Jelly, then we are good to go.

Mr L’s slipper socks are not yet completed but I have at least finished the heel on sock no 2 and am abut to pick up the stitches for the foot.  I shall need to make more thrums before I am done, so the second toe will not match the rest of the socks.