Pre-prandialDifficult to choose my Blip today. We took advantage of the morning forecast and took the dogs out along Cata and on to Newark. Time and Tide were against us but we managed not to get our feet wet. I shot 80 frames, many with the intent of converting to mono – I was held fascinated by the wind erosion patterns in the dunes. I would have sworn one of those would have been blipped but somehow this one caught my fancy instead. 

Sunshine, the bluest of blue skies, very little cloud until the end of our walk, Fulmars and Ravens, fresh air and much dog nonsense. Perfect. And just what we needed to recharge our batteries. 

Newark beach, looking towards Tresness. The building on the far right that looks like camera shake blur is actually covered in scaffolding.

So, that’s the Tamron lens fully tested and not found wanting. Looks like my kit came out unscathed. Phew.

Treacle is emerging from his hidey hole and beginning to trust us not to do nasty things to him. He actually ate something this morning and drank his kitty milk. He’s not posing for photos though.