Not much room

Today’s plan was to drive over to Flebister and collect a prescription. I was going to take a camera with me and visit The Croft, which place I have not yet been and an omission that requires rectification. I was going to spend a half hour or so capturing some details.

I’m not a confident driver and have driven very little in the past 20 years, so I was edging away from the car keys anyway whilst asking Mr L what he fancied for his lunch. I mentioned a cauliflower that needed using up and also the egg glut… perhaps a cauliflower souffle? He agreed in that way that men do, and in that tone of voice, that suggests grave trepidation at such a prospect. We arbitrated and he requested a vegetable curry, with naan. A degree of work involved in that, perhaps too much to allow time for camera play or driving in the mist. I stayed home, made dough, sweated onions and potatoes and photographed my veg. Here’s the mushrooms.

It was a tasty curry and the warm naan weren’t too bad either. There’s not much room in my tum now.