More of the same

More of the sameAnother chill but sunshiny day today. I had forgotten to get my anti-Rook device in after the bin man came yesterday so I grabbed my coat and mittens and the camera and walked down to the gate with the dog to get it back. I fitted the polariser again and tried dialling in a couple of stops exposure compensation.

I like today’s pics better but had to darken them just a little in Lightroom. I conclude that when using the polariser I need 1 stop compensation.

The larks are on the wing again, it’s a wonderful sound. I’m a little bored with this field on our Western boundary. I look forward to seeing something on there soon but it’s clearly far too wet yet for ploughing. IIRC it was barley last year and neeps the year before that so perhaps we shall see it seeded with grass for hay or silage this year.  That will bring back some unhappy memories, unfortunately.

We started our day today with an Unfortunate Rodent Incident. Having discovered yesterday to our horror that a wee beastie was visiting our car and had chewed through some of the electrical wiring, we laid both bait and trap last night. This morning on opening the boot, Mr L found the wee unfortunate, alive and cowering and trapped by its hind leg. It made a bolt for it and exited the car, with trap attached. Suzie, old , lame and blind as she is, took command of the situation, followed the rat and nipped it on the back of the neck with great precision, then sauntered away as though nothing untoward had happened. There is life in the old dog yet!