Misdirection – Hit and Miss

We were expecting a 15 minute power cut between 1pm and 2pm today. I, like many other ladies on the island rose early to ensure my Show entries were baked before the electricity was cut. Imagine how blue the air over Sanday when the power went off at about 10am… for an hour or more.

My white bread dough was over-proved by the time that the power came back and between that and the probable fact that I was a little impatient by that stage about pre-heating the oven, it failed to get much of a rise in the oven. I’m not doing it again, it will do.

After blogging that I wished that I had a cast iron griddle… one turned up at my door yesterday afternoon, so today’s bannocks were cooked on that. I don’t know if it was because I was unfamiliar with the pan, or because I deliberately made a stiffer dough today, but these bannocks are not as good as my first attempt earlier this week. Again, I do not plan to cook another attempt. They will have to go in as they are.

The Granary Loaf caught a little sunburn. I’m putting that one in the freezer and have another one rising as I post this.

Scones and Shortbread have been cancelled. It’s clearly not my day today and as my feet are throbbing I plan to put them up and avoid further disappointments.

There was absolutely no disappointment about lunch. The Tuscan sausuages that I had from Kirkness & Gorie when I went to town were very much in need of cooking so I browned them in a pan and threw them into the slow cooker with some beans, vegetables and tomatoes. Due to the power cut, I put the casserole into the oven for half an hour after my bread was done. We had a stunningly delicious lunch. They may be expensive sausage but, oh, my, are they worth it.

I need to figure out presentation for my baking and then label it – then I’m done and can put my feet up until submissions begin at 7:30pm.