Me and my shadow

We decided to make the most of the weather and to get an early handle on the weekend by making a picnic tea and going for a walk. We ambled down to the village and ate our tea sitting on a capstan on the pier, watching the [s]world[/s] seals go by and then (shock! horror!) went for a swift pint in the pub. The latter being an almost unheard of event for us.

This cat was curled up, looking very photogenic, by the wheelbarrow full of pansies outside the “Butcher’s Shop”. I swiftly pointed the camera at him but he was too fast for me and shot forward to greet us. It’s a shame he’s not sharp but I like the composition anyway, even if it was entirely accidental and forced by the cats speed of movement.

Overall a poor set of images tonight. I should get out more often and practice.