Making Progress

Making ProgressMy thrum-making technique is improving and my thrums are less bulky, more airy now. Also the sock is looking more… [i]sock-like [/i]than previously. I’m running out of roving for the thrums due entirely to being too heavy-handed initially. I expect Mr L will receive one bulky slipper sock and one less rounded.

The next pair will be better, I am sure.

I have been looking at You Tube instructional videos on thrumming. I’ve watched a whole bunch of them and no two use the same technique. I conclude that thrumming is a free and easy business.

It’s looking like I shall not have a pair in time for our wedding anniversary. I shall have to gift one sock and a promise.

I have thoughts in my head of a thrummed weskit. Handspun Jacob, most likely, with Wensleydale lock thrums in deep jewel shades. Wouldn’t that be a thing of joy? Not that my bosom needs the extra padding. Oh, no. Not at all.