Kettletoft Harbour

Kettletoft HarbourAn unremarkable image for today’s blip. Why? Today is all but wind-free. Almost dry too. In fact, the sun is out on occasion. Sadly when I had time to go out and experiment with my old and heavy 100-300mm lens on the new tripod, the sun went awol and it was spotting with rain. The tide was too far out to be able to capture any waders with success, so I turned the camera around and aimed at the pier.

I am happy to state that the Air Hed copes beautifully with the weight of the lens. Sadly the lens is not so much “not very fast” as downright slow. With not much light about, the image is a bit of a failure. Still it does show the reach of the lens and I have proved the worth of Jack.

I am now contemplating spending some more money and getting a faster zoom for the new camera. I was intending to get a couple of prime lenses and to use this one as it is an EF fitting… but it’s a bit rubbish, really.