Job Done

We were languishing in the bath last night when we heard the sounds of a heavy vehicle and the dogs began to bark. We both realised instantly what was afoot – the floor tiles had arrived and our local haulier had brought them around on the fork lift. In fact he was towing a trailer of heavy goods around the island with his clever red tractor forklift thing. You can’t see the picture of that because I took it last night (having got dressed first) and I already had a blip posted for yesterday. Anyway, it’s a splendid vehicle and he had unhooked it from the trailer in order to bring the first of 3 pallets up our track. The next two followed rapidly.

Pallet #1 was safely deposited inside the garage but there was no way of getting the other two in safely and they were left outside overnight. After work today we began the task of moving and stacking all the bags of adhesive and grout (visible behind the tiles, and behind them are the boxes of insulating boards for the under-floor heating) and then approximately 730 slate floor tiles – just one of which is beautifully scattered with iron pyrites and I hope to keep it back for decorative use.

We’re done. /I/ am done in. Time for a beer and maybe a(n uninterrupted) soak in the bath.