Highly Unusual

Today we have about as boring a Blip as could be got. This is however a highly unusual sight – it’s my workbench and it’s empty. Cleared. Tidy. WOW.

One day I plan to strip this top down and paint it in a nice off-white eggshell finish. I may even add a stencil or two. For now, it’s a mess.

The table came from Flebister House, the home of the island’s GP surgery. Our previous GP was returning to The Netherlands and had a sale of goods prior to departing. This table was in use in the garage to display the items for sale and I asked if it too was available. There was no plan to sell it as it was thought to be worth nothing. Originally it came from the school, where it had some kind of woodworking equipment attached to it,I believe. Latterly the GP had been stripping his Royal Enfield down on it.

I did a quick deal with the GP’s wife and a promise was made to deposit a fiver in the Lifeboat Ladies’ collection. In exchange I got this wonderfully useable worksurface. It’s big enough to block all but the largest shawls.

Yes, the rest of the room is in a mess, but I do have a clear table on which to begin a new project. Later on today I plan to begin labelling Show entries. I’m in good time this year, though have few items to label.