HarnessedYes. I should not be here. [url=http://www.twosnails.uk/index.php?/blogs/2014/09/misadventures/]We had a misadventure with Brunhilde last evening[/url] and failed to make the ferry. As with most trials, it sort of turned out for the best – we missed a wild night (weatherwise) parked at the Ring of Brodgar and slept instead in our own comfortable bed. Also, it meant that we were here when the dogs’ new car safety harnesses arrived this morning.

It’s still a bit wild but we thought an introductory stroll was in order, to see if they would be happy to walk with the harnesses on. They don’t look too upset, do they? So you can teach an old dog a new trick (Good girl, Suzie!)

We have worked out an arrangement whereby the second bed in Brunhilde is made up for the dogs to travel on, the harnesses fit to the two lap belts fitted to the forward facing double seat that forms part of the bed. They should be comfortable, and safe and I can now travel without keep a constant eye on them.