Happy New Year

Happy New YearOh, no – it’s a Backblip!

For once we were up late last night. Normally we have our anniversary dinner and slope off to bed long before the bells. This morning we were still by the fireside with our bottle of port at 3am – so I never managed to upload my Blip before midnight.

This is the champagne jelly, made by Mr L, with cardamom shortbread fashioned by me.  I had not expected to like the jelly but it was wonderful, and had fizz in it. It wasn’t champagne of course, we used Prosecco (being the thrifty Yorkshire-bred folk that we are). The Champagne bottle is just for show and we  are keeping that for March, when the mortgage is paid off and we shall really have something to celebrate.

Happy New Year, even if I am a little late with it. Hope it brings you and yours all that you could possibly hope and wish for.

Fizzy jelly is wonderful, by the way – I do recommend it.