Getting Closer

Getting CloserThis arrived in the mail yesterday just as I was getting myself and Treacle ready to go catch the ferry. Needless to say it is not yet out of its box but  certainly am looking forward to trying it out. I know that it is a compromise but anything longer than this 200mm lens was too large an investment (translates as [i]way beyond my means, thank you[/i])

I was planning a test this morning and was going to set up the tripod at the gate and shoot Kettletoft Pier with my 24-70, then with the 200 mm and finally with the extender added. 

It’s way too windy for such shenanigans.

I had to leave Treacle in Kirkwall yesterday and hoped to go and collect him today but he stopping a further night. The vet is expecting to find heart troubles but can’t yet see his heart for the amount of fluid in his lungs. The aim is to reduce that fluid and get a picture of what is going on with the heart, which is pressing on Treacle’s windpipe and causing him to cough in a “furball” kind of a way. Long term prognosis is poor, whether it turns out to be a mass or an enlarged heart. However, after a change of medications and a night’s rest he is considerably perked and this is good news, as is the fact that he ate some breakfast.

Hopefully he’ll have a successful x-ray tomorrow morning and can then come home. However… I don’t care for the look of [url=]the forecast[/url] with winds from the South gusting to the mid-fifties, that’s the kind of weather that stops the boat sailing. We shall have to see what happens.