Foraged Fungi (Backblip)

Foraged Fungi (Backblip)We got away after work on Thursday, arriving at Sands o’ Wright as the light was fading. The weekend was bedevilled by haar, so yielded far fewer photographs than our last trip.

Brunhilde was making dreadful noises right from the off – her fanbelt now continuously slipping. The new one had not arrived in time (and is still not here) so we joined the RAC, just in case, and truncated our planne ditinery. We elected to stay put on South Ron for two nights.

On Friday morning we went off to Hoxa Head, looking for a geocache. We found the cache, and also these two magnificent field mushrooms.

I cooked one up with our Saturday morning bacon roll, and kept the second one back for Sunday evening’s pasta. I got a quite ridiculous thrill from foraging for our camping food. Jolly tasty they were, too.