Flagging it up

Flagging it upThe sun has returned today but we have a strong breeze that made it a challenge to gain the capture that I wanted today.

When we arrived here the garden was an acre of wilderness, four feet high. We have tamed it gradually, mostly by dint of regular mowing. The conditions do not favour cultivation and most attempts at planting fall prey to biting winds and salt spray. Generally speaking we leave the garden to tend itself and let the wild things grow. The nettles pay dividends by offering us a spring veg, dyestuff for my yarns, and potential weaving material – and an abundance of butterflies. I am less enamoured of the docks, though the silverweed is pretty. These flag iris are my favourites and I am mighty pleased that they grow in abundance on our windswept acre.

Challenging subjects today as they were waving wildly in the wind but a so-so photograph offered an opportunity to play with some of the new features in Analog Efex Pro 2- which I had no idea had installed itself on my PC until just now.