Finally Dry – but homeless

It’s a good job that this jacket is not destined for any real baby, it is hopelessly impractical. How did we manage all those years ago when we lovingly wrapped our wee ones in pure wool? When I had my first, a girl, I had no washing machine and hand-washed all her nappies. She was born in in January. It was a grim business, hanging out dripping terry napkins in a frost with my poor raw hands… It was a time-consuming business, did I really also have time to hand wash wool knitteds and find a place to dry them for days on end?

I used a spray bottle to damp this jacket down as I wasn’t happy with it’s original blocking. I tugged it into shape and left it to dry… for three days. It’s just about dry now – dry enough to put it in the box before I forget to take it to the Show.

Anyway – I have no imminent babies in my timeline and plan only to frog the yarn to knit a different entry for next year so, if you love it and you want it and know a baby that could wear it, who has a mum that could bear to do the careful hand washing required and probably lives in a less humid environment than Orkney… it’s yours, just ask.

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