Corrigall – backblip

Corrigall - backblipWednesday morning dawned fine again, though with more breeze and less heat than the previous two days. This I preferred and was far more comfortable.

After breakfast, dog play, and conversation with the man at the Broch, we headed across the island and over the hill. That’s the first hill that I have been up in years and it was a joyous experience. I wish only that we had scaled it with boots on rather than in Brunhilde. We stopped at the top for photos before moving on to our second farming museum, at Corrigall, where we were escorted around by a delightful black and white cat and a very friendly hen.

The Harray Potter was not in, but the shop was open and I indulged in a couple of purchases. Afterwards we set off for a Picnic Site marked on our map. This turned out to be a small area designated as viewpoint, with a narrow track entrance not designed to accept a right turn from Brunhilde. We declared the holiday over and set off for Kirkwall. The dogs had a run by the sewage works again and Brunhilde went for a rest in the marshalling yard at the ferry. We left the dogs with her and treated ourselves to lunch at Helgi’s, where we had a magnificent Steak and Haggis burger with all the trimmings. After collecting the car we did some shopping at Tesco and returned home on the ferry.

Well done, Brunhilde! We shall do that again soon, only we shall head to East Mainland next time.

(Non-blipped trip photos will appear on my blog in good time – there are 400-ish to sift through and they will keep me busy for a while)