Christmas came early this year

Christmas came early this yearMy hens are usually highly predictable and go off-lay when they moult. We then have along “dry” period with the first eggs turning up usually on Christmas Day. Rather than buy commerical eggs, I go without if I can’t source good eggs. I have some cooking to do over the next couple of weeks and so I was delighted when my friend Bill turned up in the local shop as I was queuing to pay – he had with him some free range eggs that he was delivering from his wife, Jean’s flock. I baggsied a carton before they so much as reached the shelf.

When I got home, Mr L was holding this in his hand – “An egg!” he declared.

The girls may be getting on in years but clearly they are not yet ready to retire and are keener than ever this season. Either that or somebody told them I had been playing away from home…

I’m going to have to fight somebody over who gets poached egg on toast for tea.