Oh, my – that workbench of mine is in such a state! I need it empty as there is blocking to be done (that scarf in the background)

The scarf being done and being ready for a new project, I dug out a mittens kit and wound the skeins into cakes this morning. I took the kit with me to spinning group and cast on, onto 4 double-pointed needles. I got some skit for this as we ran a course to teach the ladies how to knit on one long circular needle using the Magic Loop technique and they have unanimously discarded their DPNs.

There is method in my apparent madness as the mittens are stranded colourwork and I shall be teaching myself to knit two-handed, doing the main colour in my right hand and “English” style knitting, with the contrast colour in my left hand, knit “Continental” style. I think that’s sufficient dexterity to be thinking about wiuthout having to drop my yarns to pull my stitches around my magic loop.

There is a steep learning curve to be negotiated.

I have been challenged to get these mittens onto the Show bench. Submissions for the Show are due a week on Thursday evening. There’s a fiver hanging on my skills – to be donated to the Lifeboat Ladies. I’d better do the best job that I can, I think! I had also better get my skates on as I am still on the lining of cuff #1 – due entirely to too much socialising today.