I’ve been to pick up yesterday’s prizes and got quite a surprise. What a haul! I have trophies for Most Points in both the Knitting & Crochet and Handicrafts sections. Orkney Angora donated two pairs of fingerless Angora gloves as a special prize for Most Points, Handicrafts and John and Maggie Dearness donated similarly for the knitting – a wonderful little book of patterns “Knit Your Own Scotland”. There was a sizeable cash price from J Lennie for the Best Knitted Exhibit too, plus the cash prizes for the individual classes – 63 points provided £6.30!

I am, as they say, tickled pink.

As I made my way around the island this morning (looking stunning in the sunshine) (not, me, the island!) I was waylaid by everybody I met wanting to offer their congratulations on my success. Following that, the same question was on everyone’s lips – why did the Judge award the Best Exhibit prize to that hat? Well, I have NO answer and it is as great a mystery to me as it is to all. Personally, I think a mistake was made.. a breakdown in communication. It should rightly be on the other head, for the handspun cowl. You can imagine it can’t you? The judge saying to the Steward that the Best Exhibit is that drapey brownish thing on the mannequin head… and the Steward identifying the wrong item from that description? If that is not the case, then it remains perplexing and will no doubt be discussed for years to come.