Batch baking

Batch bakingOh dear, yet another bread photo. Today is a boring but busy “house” day and I am unlikely to come up with any more interesting shots.

That’s Granary Batch Rolls made, plus 3 white Baguettes. I’ll freeze them shortly and we shall take them to East Mainland with us next week. We shall be fully equipped then for sandwiches and soup lunches. Well, I suppose I still have to make the soup…

Made a stab at plucking rosehips today but they are not yet fully ripe. I’ll try again mid-week.

Mr L took the old front door out this morning. The new frame fitted in just fine, but he has broken his drill bit so we are unable to screw the frame in. We may be without a door for a few days. He’s ordered new bits by post, and I have offered to get the morning boat to Kirkwall to see if I can get some a bit sooner for him. If I do that, he’ll not have them until half past six in the evening, though – so he’s wondering if it is worth my effort. Sometimes island living has its drawbacks.