Backblip: The Boardwalk

Backblip: The BoardwalkIt would have  been a lovely day  if not for the icy blast of a gale force wind. Between that and the lack of comfortable sand for Suzie to walk on, we decided to leave Skaill early. 

Theoretically we had a boat to catch but we both knew in our hearts that the ferry would not be sailing – wind speeds were forecast to gust to 60 mph and from a bad direction for boats berthing at Loth. We could not check the status of our sailing as we had no mobile signal at Skaill, so another reason for moving off early.

If the boat sailed we needed to shop at Tesco and be finished and in the ferry queue at 3pm. There was time to fill. We set off for the picnic site and viewpoint at the Loch of Harray – we had missed the sign last time that we went in search of it.

Still in strong sunlight, but an exposed position, I got the Nikon out and grabbed quite a few frames many of which suffered badly from windshake. I became completely besotted by the sedge shadows on the boardwalk over the marshier patches.

The car park did not offer a level site for Bruni so we departed to prepare our lunch in the car park at Finstown – which is where we ended up returning to later in the day and passing a very wild, wet and windy night waiting to see if this morning’s boat would sail… and if we might be able to get on it. Luckily, Orkney Ferries had automatically booked us onto the first available sailing. Unluckily, this took us via Stronsay… and was running the best part of an hour late. Mr L started work very late this morning!

I love this pic.


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