Backblip: Really not a camera day

Backblip: Really not a camera dayHoxa had proved a relatively sheltered haven after a very noisy Thursday night at Mull Head and we should have liked to stay put but one of our reasons for going over to the big island was to visit Kirkwall. Given the prevailing weather conditions and especially those forecast for Sunday we thought it best to be on the right side of the Churchill Barriers come ferry time. It made sense, having got as far as Kirkwall to carry on up the island rather than to return south to Hoxa. 

We hoped that Skaill would provide a haven too and that was where we headed after conducting our Kirkwall business. (I should perhaps explain that Brunhilde was sulking a little after her winter break and decided to present us with a failed flush pump for the toilet facility – we were restricted to going places where we knew that there were public WCs that we didn’t mind visiting at the dead of night! Tried and tested sites were the order of the day.)

I managed a total of three frames at Skaill in the teeth of a biting wind and total absence of an interesting view. It was wet, it was miserable and all the sand had disappeared – the only positive being that this time there was considerable wave action. Unfortunately, we never made it onto the beach as Suzie couldn’t cope with the boulders. There was certainly no way that I was going to expose my precious Canon to all that salt spray anyway!

Sadly, the location did not prove to be as sheltered as we had hoped and we had another sleepless night.

[url=]It was a far better place to be when last we called in.[/url]


[url=]Friday of the trip[/url]
Saturday of the trip
[url=]Sunday of the trip[/url]

[url=]Other pics in Brunhilde’s blog,[/url]

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