Backblip: Nosey Parker

Backblip: Nosey ParkerAn impromptu trip to mainland Orkney on Thursday evening found us parked up at the Sands ‘o Wright on Saturday morning. The weather was uninspiring, though [url=]far less misty than the last time that we visited there[/url]. This time we managed to find where the 3.5 mile circular walk goes after Hoxa Dam, where we turned back last time due to not wanting to pass through the garden of a house there…

… we still managed to go wrong however and ended up walking all the way into  St Margaret’s Hope, then out again, before heading back via road to our home base. It was all a bit much for poor Suzie and she struggled the last couple of miles to the extent that we were tempted to pick her up and carry her.

This was the one day that I managed to take an appreciable number of photographs. The weather all weekend was simply not conducive and the Canon never came out of the camera bag. Spoiled only slightly for choice, I opted for this seal on the grounds only that it is the first time that I have achieved anything like a reasonable seal picture. This one was very nosey and actually came in close enough for the Nikon’s reach. He swam along with us as we crossed the ayre. 

For future reference (mine as much as anybody else’s!) : where we went wrong was in [url=]Stage 5 of the walk description here[/url]. A few waymarkers would be, you know… [i]useful[/i].

Friday of the trip
[url=]Saturday of the trip[/url]
[url=]Sunday of the trip[/url]

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