B98Brunhilde’s new fanbelt required a test drive so we popped the dogs in and set off to Lopness this afternoon. We collected a snack lunch from the community shop, which we ate when we parked up. The dogs had their run and then we brewed a cup of coffee before coming home. Never thought I’d grow up to be this old and boring!

Had a heart-stopping moment when a suicidal Jack Russell tried to run under Brunhilde’s wheels.

This is the wreck of the WW1 German Destroyer, B98 which sits in the bay, slowly, oh-so-slowly rusting away. A shame it isn’t[url=http://www.blipfoto.com/discuss/10/5939] Derelict Thursday[/url] today!

Looks better in large

[url=http://www.blipfolio.com/runestone/mono#beach-detritus]Another image from today, in my Blipfolio[/url]