All gone

All goneThe souvenir, like the holiday, is now all gone. Both the chocolates and the break were first class.

We arrived home yesterday morning, tired but relaxed. Mr L went straight to his desk and logged on for work and I spent my day emptying the van… and selecting holiday snaps for backblipping. I ran out of time for shooting anything for Derelict Thursday, so opted for blipping the sunrise shot I took before we dashed off to catch the ferry yesterday.

Sunday: [url=]Farr Bay[/url]
Monday: [url=]Smoo Cave[/url]
Tuesday: [url=]The Unknown[/url]
Wednesday: [url=]the beach at Strathy[/url]
[url=]Thursday’s Sunrise at Loch Harray[/url]

All benefit from being seen in the larger view.

It was difficult to choose what to Blip – I had over 500 images from the trip and will spend the next several days selecting images for Brunhilde’s new blog: [url=]Two Snails[/url]

I’m back to earth with a bump now and already bemoaning how boring my life is and what on earth can I shoot for my Blip. Today’s weather gave me an opportunity for my own personal winter challenge: [i]Indoors if Wet.[/i] This is a low-tech shoot-anything-you-can-find in a makeshift studio setup venture.[url=] Want to join me?[/url]

The chocolates were purchased at the Balnakeil Craft Village and managed to survive the journey home but were polished off by last night. Yummy.

Setup: scrap of silk on my craft bench, chocolate box lit by ambient light from one window at left, light from right hand window blocked with piece of black styrene. Tripod – lowest ISO setting my camera offers (50). Bit of a rush job as husband and dogs were waiting to go walkies.

[url=]October Word Challenge[/url]: 14 [i]Luxury[/i]