Accidental selfie

Accidental selfieI was so taken by the candlelight reflecting in my new “piano-black” refrigerator at birthday dinner that I totally failed to realise that there would be a selfie in there too…

These very excellent breadsticks were  for dunking in a delightfully gooey Baked Camembert. We followed with Haggis-stuffed Beef Olives, slowly braised in red wine with root veg and served up with roasties and broccoli. Dessert was a confection of white chocolate cream with frozen berries, sloe gin and a brandy snap to dunk.

There were many more photos but as I was a “touch” tipsy throughout this was the least blurry and most presentable.

Happy Birthday, Mr L — and Welcome Back to Blipfoto. I am hoping to do better and upload more frequently in future.

I wrote all of this already, and wrote it better, forgetting that my upload extension would no longer work. Bah.