A Good Drying Day

A Good Drying DayI’m making the most of the weather whilst it lasts and getting some washing out to dry. On the face of it, it’s a great drying day today but…

One of the problems that we have up here is [i]keeping[/i] the washing on the line – it can be challenging. I had 12 pegs in my sheet, there are 11 left now and heaven only knows where the other one has gone. I use a variety of peg styles, in the hope that if one type won’t grip in present conditions, another will keep on holding on.

Some days, such as today, it can be a real trial to actually get the washing onto the line in the first place. The line prop is actually for weighting the line, to give me a better chance of catching it as it flies by.

It won’t take long to dry the bedding though – I just need to bring it in before it takes off for North Ronaldsay.