365:89 1 in 45 is a fat old bird with a camera

365:89 1 in 45 is a fat old bird with a camera[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hellin%27s_law]Hellin’s Law[/url] is the principle that one in about 89 natural pregnancies ends in the birth of twins, triplets once in 89 squared births, and quadruplets once in 89 cubed births.

I checked the maths with the mathematician in the house and that apparently makes me one in 45. Common as muck.He tells me not so common as he, one of 44 in every 45. I take comfort from the fact that I remain one a million from having had my tonsils removed twice. Those are the official stats – I maintain however that I, like everyone else, am in fact unique.

Being so unique, I really ought to be documented but as we know, I am[i] not brave[/i] about camera lenses or selfies. I got away with the two fat ladies selfie I had planned for yesterday, so here I am today, one in 45 – my twin is not to hand, so I settled for a reflection of me.

I think I may be becoming braver?

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