365:80 BST just around the corner

365:80 BST just around the cornerI already did this once today – where did my entry go?

Let me see… I said something about it being Worldwide Poetry Day or something and about how I’d looked for a poet who had been born or died on this date and came up with 7 candidates. I thought the one I picked was a bit rubbish really but found a poem of hers about changing the clocks and that seemed apposite as the Equinox was yesterday. I set my kitchen clock to 2, to reflect the fact that we change the clocks at 1 am, to 2, later this month.

And now I suppose I’ll have to go find the poet and the poem again. Can I be bothered? I doubt it. Make do – I’m ready for my tea AND I’m trying to convince Audible to give me my books for my new PC, so far with no success whatsoever.