365:8 Sew, a needle…

365:8 Sew, a needle...If I were [b]really[/b] clever I would have arranged to have the selvedge in this shot – on the other hand one Blip can only handle so many puns.

Sol, one of the [b]eight[/b] notes of the tonic sol-fa, or solfege – expressed by that great National Treasure, Julie Andrews, as: “[i]Sew, a needle pulling thread..[/i].”

I have been working (for certain values of “working”) on this cushion cover for many years. I recently unearthed it for completion. I hope to find time to finish it before the end of my 365 – I have no idea how I shall work it back in to my 365 for a completion photograph. Perhaps if I add up the number of months since I sewed my first stitch?