365:7 Do or Die

365:7 Do or DieThe opposite faces of a die always add up to 7 – or “what’s behind the 3? a 4” – a sneaky way of meeting DDW’s January challenge 11 [i]behind[/i]. Well, it was this or a dish of 7 candles to celebrate making my way to the end of a full week of 365. I haven’t fallen by the way yet… whether or no it’s a case of[b] 365 or die[/b], who knows?

Wow, that is one grubby die. It’s amazing the new world that macro photography can show one, isn’t it? I may go give it a scrub and take another pot at this.

EDIT: I did do just that but still think I prefer this version. The cleaner version is over at runestone.

Closeup filter * 4