365:50 Blood Mug

365:50 Blood MugI knew from Day 1 that my subject today would be my favourite tea mug… if I ever got as far as Day 50. Well, I have. Hurrah.

I got my 50th ticket in on Christmas Eve 1996, so just squeaked in with my 50th donation in the National Blood Transfusion Service’s 50th year. I had no idea, until the nurse disappeared and came back with this mug. One of my most treasured possessions ever since.

Sadly, I have not donated one drop since then. A period of illness and medication excluded me for a while and then I moved into rural Scotland and have been out of reach of a donation point for many years now. A dear friend of mine received a special plate for his hundredth donation. I should have liked to equal his feat.

It’s an important thing to do and I urge everyone who can, to go out and donate. You’ll get a nice cup of tea, though I cannot promise you a vessel as lovely as this one to drink from.

I wish that I could join you.