365:49 Emergency Blip (Small Consolation)

365:49 Emergency Blip (Small Consolation)We were to be going to town today and last night I packed a bag with all the necessary: money, credit cards, Tesco vouchers, shopping lists, knitting, phone, camera… I packed the Nikon P510 for portability. I made sure that I had charged it up and put an empty card into it.

This morning Mr L said that he was not sure that he wanted to go to town after all. No worries, we don’t have to. He suggested we go out around the island with the dogs and my new camera again. We packed the Land Rover and added several tubs of bottles and cans for the bottle bank and set off for Loth, where the ferry terminal and the bottle bank are located. The plan was to chuck the frisbee about for the dogs in the car park after we had done the recycling and I could go take photos down at the pier.

It was a wonderful day for photography, with the light being filtered through high flat cloud. There were nice lumpy bumpy clouds at a lower altitude for added effect.

We stopped at the shop first for a few necessities, adding in a couple of doughnuts to have with coffee once we got home.

On arriving at Loth we found… [i]no bottle bank.
Never mind, the dog exercising could commence anyway – and I set off for the pier. I set my camera up on the tripod and lined up a shot and then read those dreadful words: [i]No Card in Camera.[/i]


On the way home we decided to detour via Lady village to see if we might find the bottle bank. We had no success but we did spot [url=http://www.blipfoto.com/turts99]turts99[/url] outside the post office and I suggested that he would certainly know where the recycling point had been moved to. It is now, of course, in Kettletoft, close to the point from which we set off this morning.

When we finally arrived home again, divested of glass and tin, Mr L made coffee and unwrapped the doughnuts whilst I frantically tried to find my missing SD card. It was not in the card reader as I had anticipated. It was nowhere to be seen.

Being in need of an emergency blip, I ferreted in the bag that I had packed last night and pulled out the Nikon to shoot the doughnut. That’s when it dawned on me… I had robbed the card from the 6D to put in the Nikon for today’s trip to town.

Having 4 cameras and only 3 cards is not a great state of affairs. I am sure it ought to be 5 cards to 4 cameras? This afternoon I plan to order a couple more cards. I am also going to stick a label on my camera bag. It will be inscribed:[b] Check Camera Card[/b].

Oh, and the doughnuts were dreadful too.