365:47 Barbed

365:47 Barbed[i]I walk 47 miles of barbed wire,
I use a cobra-snake for a necktie,
I got a brand new house on the roadside,
Made from rattlesnake hide,
I got a brand new chimney made on top,
Made out of a human skull,
Now come on take a walk with me, arlene,
And tell me, who do you love?[/i]

Bo Diddley, Who Do You Love (ellas mcdaniel) 1956

The choices today were Manifold: The atomic number of Silver is 47 or I might have chosen from the myriad trekkie references, or referenced the least random random number… Time was short to allow pondering creative interpretations (I have been busy with the geekier side of my new camera, setting up wi-fi connections and remote control software etc.) The ancient barbed wire fence right outside the door looked like an easy target to me.

Shot with the 6D and the Nifty Fifty, handheld, mono conversion in Nik. It was too cold and windy to take to much care over the shot and the wire was waving wildly – I did well to get this capture, all things considered.