365:46 D-day

365:46 D-dayPlaying with both the low-light capability of the 6D and also my new Tamron lens.

46 seemed to offer little inspiration today, though I was keen to use a [url=http://www.rsc.org/periodic-table/element/46/palladium]Palladium (Pd)[/url]tone, if I could (I failed in that mission)

This Day in History proved more interesting. It was Decimalisation day in 1971. I remember it well because the date was the 15th February, and that’s a memorable date for me.

Oddly enough, my first attempt at a shot today hinged on my finding the OS map for Teesdale, the cover features a shot of the house where I was living in 1969/70. I met my First True Love (TM) when I was living there and the connection was based on the fact that I still, after all these years, remember his birthday each year… on the 15th February.

The map is, like that love, long-lost, so I settled for coinage.

On the 15th February, 1971, we swapped the new 1 P for 2 and a bit old d’s. Oh look, Pd again. Shame I couldn’t add the tint.

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