365:4 Phlogisten

365:4 PhlogistenI am trying to use this 365 project as a learning vehicle and to accept that results that fall short of my vision are not failures, just a part of the learning process. It can be disheartening though when one’s own ineptitude is revealed. I shall keep on telling myself that in 361 days’ time, I shall be a better photographer.

So, today’s “Four” is the four classical elements. Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Could I have picked a subject more challenging?

I have already spent too much time on this so I am posting the image that pleases me best and hoping that I can replace it later in the day with the image that I actually wanted to make.

Candle, water, pebbles…

How do you photograph “air” – well, it’s there all the time and also implied by the presence of burning, isn’t it?