365:32 Manual Dexterity

365:32 Manual DexterityIf I thought that 31 was a difficult number to represent, 32 seems to be just as much of a challenge.

32 is the normal number of teeth in the Human adult dentition. All I needed was to capture one smile today – it just has not been that kind of a day.

I tried a few snaps of my interdental brushes but I do not care for any of the results.

[url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_C._Hall]Michael C Hall[/url] was born on this day in 1971. Who he? you may ask. An American actor , I might respond. I first met him in Six Feet Under but currently he is occupying our evenings as we chomp our way through all eight series of [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dexter_(TV_series)]Dexter[/url].

[b]Dexter[/b], [i]on the right side; right[/i]. From which we derive words such as [i]dextrous[/i] and [i]dexterity[/i]…

This is [url=http://www.blipfoto.com/SpinningGill]Life on the 59th Parallel[/url]’s right hand, being very dextrous at her spinning wheel.

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Here, there, everywhere – and nowhere at all

Here, there, everywhere – and nowhere at all

Where do all these yawning gaps come from? Aha – this time I have the answer – I have been busy updating Scattered Thoughts! After a couple of very long posts, time and energy were lacking for coming here to write and as little else had happened other than a shopping delivery or two, it seemed unimportant.Also spending far too much time at Facebook, which I am trying to give up but it keeps onContinue readingHere, there, everywhere – and nowhere at all

The Cold Light of Day

The Cold Light of Day

Nell’s excessive drinking and urination have ramped up considerably. Hence I was outside at a little past 2 am this morning, by which time the car was already covered in a sparkling frost. On the 6 am toilet run, the world was looking fairly well white all over (as viewed through the window from my bed, that is). When we first came house-hunting around here there was snow on the ground (apparently a once inContinue readingThe Cold Light of Day

Recent movements of the: Deux Escargots

October 29, 2020 at 12:12PM

It’s mass migration time! #livereportingfromtheroad #france #autumn2020 #thelockdowndash

October 29, 2020 at 10:24AM

An interesting morning. Up and at ’em we went to Intermarché to fuel up and to buy some food for when we arrive home. They were queuing outside the door for what appeared to be controlled entry. There were queues for fuel too. “We’re not that desperate” we said and set off for home. It… Continue reading October 29, 2020 at 10:24AM

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